Convenor:   Rosalind (Ros) Lee   Phone: 01633 852460

Meetings:   Fridays, 10.00 - 12.00

We meet on Friday mornings for a good natter, tell a few jokes, and to create what we can to exhibit and raise money for various good causes. Group members are adept at knitting, crochet, patchwork quilting and making silk flowers. Unlike the usual adeage "them as can, do, them as can't, teach" we are always willing to pass on our skills to other members.
(If you will take on a lost cause, I'd like to learn to crochet. Ed)

There was Noah's Ark, and we have also done a rabbit's wedding, and a penguin's Christmas, although I think our most famous piece of work has to be the Christmas tree! Each leaf is different, and done either in crochet or knitted.

Last year we have excelled ourselves with our "Gardens for Chelsea" - you can see pictures here

This year we have been working on an exhibition of flowers, created using different mediums, which will be on display at the Open Day.

Beginning in the autumn term, the craft group will be contributing to the Steel Remembered project to commemorate the Lysaght's steelworkers from the Orb Works, who joined up in WWI. Our project will be displayed in the Lysaght's Institute in 2018.

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