Italian Conversation

Convenor:   Jerome O'Brien   Phone:  01633 422074
Meetings:   Wednesday 12:30 - 1:45
Level:   Intermediate   Books: Easy Italian Reader

We are a class of thirteen (full complement) but most of us are grandparents with families that live away some abroad so attendance varies, usually about 10 depending on the time of year, holidays, family commitments etc..

Everyone is friendly, enthusiastic and supportive; the atmosphere is stress free and relaxed.

A typical session would be a little conversation - depending on ability; everyone is encouraged to say something reading from a given text and sometimes a listening exercise. Grammar is introduced when necessary and we try to make it fun.

Handouts are provided as consolidation to every session. What you do with them is up to you!!!

Why not come and join us?

Any native speaker willing to help with conversation would be welcome as a guest

Italian Beginners

Convenor:   Jerome O'Brien   Phone:  01633 422074
Meetings:   Friday 1:30 2:45
Level:   Beginner   Books: Talk Talk Italian

This is a new group of half a dozen, learning Italian from scratch.

We aim to be able to read Italian, and speak and understand in a tourist context.

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