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25-01-18: Update to the Gardening & Wildlife Programme
19-01-18: Addition of latest newsletter (see below)
05-01-18: Update to Saturday walking schedule
12-12-17: Updates to Cycling and news pages
05-12-17: Updates to Craft and FAQs pages

Spring: 10 January - 23 March
Summer: 11 April - 13 July
Autumn: 5 September - 14 December


AGM: - 3 May (tbc - will replace May's Monthly Meeting; if an election is called, AGM will be either Wednesday or Friday)
Founders Day: - 10 May
Quiz: - Second week of June, date to be confirmed
Thank you lunch & set up Open Day - 15 August
Open Day: - 16 August
Celebratory Concert - 7 December
Carol Service - 14 December

Committee meetings - First Wednesday (with some exceptions)
Monthly meetings - First Thursday (with some exceptions)
Conveners' meetings - 31 May, 29 November

Please note: any of the above dates are liable to change, due to bad weather, elections, funerals in Church etc. Please check with your Convener or a Committee Member if you have a query or question regarding any of them.


Our very own Ros Lee has had her work exhibited in the Senedd as part of the Steel Remembered exhibition.

Steel Remembered is a project commemorating the men who worked at Lysaght's Orb Steel Works, and their part in the First World War. Many of the steel workers had walked down from the Midlands to Newport in search of a better life; many of those who volunteered marched on to the fronts never to return.

The exhibition opened on Monday 15th January, and the U3A choir performed on Tuesday 16th. Choirmaster Stephen Berry has been closely involved with the project, organising people from school children to U3A members to help with research on the men involved.

The exhibition is open in the Senedd until 26th January.


The new skittles group meets between 1.15 - 3.30pm on the 4th Friday of every month at a local pub.

Our intention is to topple opponents with friendly rivalry, and afterwards we retire to the bar and enjoy a performance from a jazz band.

If you are interested in joining us, contact convenors Mike Brown and Angela Robins (phone 07980970967).

Our Whist Group began in October, and meets every second Thursday, 12.30 - 2.00pm. Everyone is welcome - from absolute beginners to the very experienced - please do come along! Contact Jen Harrhy (01633 270840) for more information.

Many members participate in social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) and blogs. However, please be mindful that not everyone wants to be "shared". You are welcome to film or photograph any U3A event, but please respect the privacy of others - do not publish without the express permission of those concerned.

If you receive an email purporting to be from your bank, the tax man, PayPal, a friend stuck penniless in foreign climes or even a Nigerian prince announcing your inheritance, chances are it is a scam! There are numerous phishing emails on the go at any given time.

Most of these emails are constructed extremely well, and really look as though they are coming from a legitimate source, so you do need to be on your guard. If you receive an email that is out of the blue:

  • Never log in to an account from a link in an email
  • Never give your security details or any other confidential information
  • Check the address of the sender of the email - they are often very close matches - eg,

A quick search will reveal lots of useful information about fraudulent emails - Hoax Slayer is particularly useful for debunking false stories and Paypal has useful information about how to spot a fraudulent email, along with other helpful advice about keeping safe online.

If in doubt - delete it!

The annual Porthcawl Study Day was held on 18th May - a full report on the day out can be read here.